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Looking for a Ferrari Car Rental Near Miami Springs? This is a car rental of exotic cars in Miami, with the best stock of luxury cars in south Florida. The cars are ours and not of third parties, that’s why we have the best price and the surest way of renting in the area of Miami. Check out our rental cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Escalade, Range Rover, Jeep

2015 458 Spider Convertible

The 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider, the legendary sports-car maker has produced what’s arguably the best-driving supercar ever built. It’s also one of the sexiest, wrapping the best of Ferrari’s mid-engine, poster-car heritage with just the right gloss and gleam to flaunt all the modern, F1-derived wizardry on board. There’s a replacement in the works for next year; and the 458 is going to be a tough act to follow. In the meantime, with the 458 Spider (convertible), and the 458 Spider also still relatively new to the lineup, there’s lots of appeal in this master work. And then there’s the 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider. As the eagerly anticipated variant that combines the Spider’s higher-output V-8 (597 hp in the Coupe), with the Spider’s surprisingly well executed retractable hardtop, it looks like one that will appeal even to those with multiple prancing horses in the garage. The 458 Spider emphasizes the importance of performance by trimming weight and tweaking the exterior for greater aerodynamic efficiency, while tuning up the suspension, control electronics, and tire grip for even more impressive track-day ability.

2015 California Convertible

The Pininfarina-designed 2015 Ferrari California is the oldest member of the Ferrari family. Designed to lure new buyers into showrooms, the convertible was hailed as the first front-mid-engined, V8-powered sports car to wear the iconic Prancing Horse badge on its hood when it made its debut. Don’t let the California’s age immediately discredit it as a serious competitor in the segment. Built entirely out of aluminum, the droptop is powered by a 4.3-liter direct-injected V8 engine that sends 490 horsepower and 372 lb-ft. of torque to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The eight-cylinder is capable of propeling the California from zero to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds Carbon ceramic brakes designed by Italy’s Brembo safely bring the car to a stop. The electronic driving aids include an advanced Formula 1-inspired traction control system. The California’s cockpit is noticeably dated compared to the rest of the Ferrari lineup. The car is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel but it still features stalks for the turn signals, the windshield wipers and the headlights. These functions have been replaced by buttons on the steering wheel on a majority of the latest Ferrari models. Thankfully, craftsmanship is timeless and the California is as finely-built as any other Ferrari. The seats, the dashboard and the door panels are all covered in premium leather The California boasts a retractable hard top that reduces wind noise and creates a more coupe-like silhouette when closed. The hard top evidently weighs more than a comparable soft top, and the California tips the scale at 3,825 pounds. Contact us about your Ferrari Car Rental Near Miami Springs!

2013 458 Spider Convertible02 Ferrari Spider LOGO , Ferrari Car Rental Near Miami Springs

If you want a blisteringly fast car with undeniably Italian exotic styling, there are few substitutes for the 458 Spider Convertible RWD A7. The 458 Spider is the folding-hardtop convertible version of Ferrari’s magnificent 458 Italia coupe. It offers an open-air experience for those who prefer the wind in their face and the scream of their Ferrari exhaust as loud as the bright red paintjob. Mechanically identical in most respects to the Italia, the Spider a sonorous 4.5-liter direct-injection V8 that shifts through a seven-speed dual-clutch automated-manual transmission. The V8 cranks out 562 horsepower at a staggering 9,000 rpm and 398 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm, which combines with its 3,153 lbs curb weight to help the 458 Spider scoot to 62 mph in just under 3.4 seconds.

2015 California T Convertible

The 2015 Ferrari California T is Ferrari’s first turbo charged car in 25 years. California T is big on a couple of counts, and, as the second automotive century progresses, it reinforces a wider trend: the seemingly inevitable creep toward turbocharged engines. At Ferrari, the story starts with the car the California T replaces. It’s not quite as sexy as the hardware itself It’s fast, loud and sexy, a replacement for the best-selling Ferrari. It’s also the first turbocharged road car from Maranello in 25 years. It worked. When the last California rolled from Maranello in late May, production had surpassed 10,000, making it the top selling single-model series in Ferrari history. One in three has come to the United States — a higher rate than Ferrari as a brand. More than 70 percent of California owners are first-time Ferrari buyers. They drive their cars 30 percent more miles annually than other Ferrari owners, through 50 percent more trips. They carry a passenger 65 percent of the time. Why start with the California? Ferrari says the Silicon Valley types who buy it are most likely to appreciate and to embrace the turbo’s benefits. Unspoken is the thought that, as the highest-volume Ferrari, the California T will have the biggest impact on CAFE numbers and CO2 emissions. In any case, Ferrari has spent four years developing a new V8 that minimizes the turbocharger’s less desirable characteristics and emphasizes things Ferrari buyers expect — things like appropriate Ferrari sound, top end, throttle response and acceleration progression.

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